Our History

In 1974, a hotline, called Emergency Pregnancy Services, was established by a group of concerned citizens for the purpose of helping women in crisis pregnancy situations. EPS has remained a leader in the field of crisis pregnancy services. For over 40 years, Growing Parenting Choices has been the preferred organization for women in crisis situations to make an informed decision in Duval and Clay Counties. It is known throughout the community as a place where women and families can receive information, practical assistance, compassion, empathy and hope. Emergency Pregnancy Services provides all of their services at no cost to their clients through a variety programs.

Emergency Pregnancy Services is a nonprofit agency with the mission to empower women to make fact based decisions about their pregnancy without judgment or pressure.

We know that knowledge equals power for women in crisis.  Trained counselors provide a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere where women can be educated about their choices. EPS believes that by doing all of this, we can empower women to make the right decision and choose life for their babies. In turn, we are helping build stronger and healthier families in our community. Your trust is important. All services provided at Emergency Pregnancy Services are free and are completely confidential.